Lab Photo 2014

2014-11-22 Thanksgiving dinner at Jing-Ke’s house

2014-11-05 Weng lab’s first beam line trip to the Argonne National Laboratory

2014-10-15 Firefly larvae hunting in Concord, MA

2014-09-14 Lobster feast at the 2014 annual Whitehead Retreat in Waterville Valley, NH

2014-09-04 Natural product extraction from French lilac—a plant that was used to treat diabetes in Medieval times

2014-09-01 Crystallization trials yield protein precipitation into the shape of a brain

2014-08-22 Weng lab hosting Science Outreach for local middle school students

2014-07-21 Lab retreat to Blue Hills Reservations

2014-07-17 Weng lab annual photo shoot

2014-07-16 Weng lab and Gehring lab hosting the Plant Biology Day during the 2014 Whitehead CampBio

2014-06-26 Valentina surprised by receiving the Whitehead Appreciation Award

2014-05-16 Weng Lab hosting highschool students from Tabor Academy in science outreach

2014-04-18 Amy’s Birthday

2014-03-05 Lab outing at Friendly Toast