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UROP researcher Andrea De Abreu joins the lab.

UROP researcher Andrea De Abreu joins the lab. Welcome! Andrea wants to become an astronaut one day. She will be working on a project that integrates metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, which are two essential technologies for future long-term space travel or colonization of another planet.

Firefly genome project funded through crowdfunding!

The team firefly is trilled to see that our firefly genome project is fully funded today! Many thanks to all 90 backers who have given your generous support to our project. This crowdfunding campaign has been an amazing experience for us not only to be able to raise the fund necessary for carrying the research forward but also to reach out to the general public about this exciting scientific adventure. It is so reassuring for every one of us to get connected to people from all over the world who share the same curiosity and passion about fireflies and are willing to support.

Fireflies have been casting their magical light on our planet for hundreds of millions of years. Now you just helped make it possible to unlock so many of their biological mysteries through sequencing their genome. Stay tuned, as we will update our research progress as this project moves along.
firefly genome crowdfunding