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Mentorship goes a long way.

A big shout-out for the MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP), which has had a longstanding impact on many students who came through the program over the years (see MIT News). We are honored to have participated in the program as a host lab in the past years. Great to have hosted Jeandele Elliot this summer, who is a chemical engineering student from Howard University. We look forward to seeing her doing fantastic things in the years to come!

Weng Lab receives a grant from the Keck Foundation for enzyme evolution research.

Associate Professor Jing-Ke Weng of the Whitehead Institute and MIT is the recipient of a $1 million grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to develop new biotechnologies that enable directed evolution of metabolic enzymes at will. If successful, this project will have a transformative impact upon multiple fields by enabling the unprecedented capability to create new designer medicines and commodity chemicals.