Lab Photo 2016

2016-11-30 Weng Lab Thanksgiving potluck dinner party

2016-11-09 Celebration for Olesya’s HCT dynamics paper

2016-11-04 Jing-Ke presents 造就TALK at the China National Gene Bank

2016-09-15 Weng Lab discusses GMO with the general public at Science by the Pint

2016-08-24 Anastassia’s farewell dinner

2016-08-22 Weng Lab annual retreat to the White Mountains – Lonesome Lake

2016-08-16 Gordon Conference at Mount Snow

2016-08-10 Weng Lab hosts 2016 Whitehead CampBio

2016-08-07 Glowing firefly eggs

2016-07-26 Weng lab 2016 annual photo shoot

2016-06-15 Celebration for Tim’s first firefly paper

2016-06-03 Live from the 2016 MIT commencement

2016-05-31 American glowworm collection trip to the Wharton Conservation Center, Towns County, GA

2016-05-12 Paul’s farewell party

2016-05-05 Jing-Ke visited Birches School and spoke to the 2nd-5th grade students

2016-02-26 Tim’s Birthday celebration

2016-02-06 Dumpling party and celebration of the year of monkey

2016-01-07 Jing-Ke gave a lecture to local high school students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School