Lab Photo 2018

2018-12-02 Weng Lab 2018 holiday party

2018-11-30 Post-defense celebration for the newly minted Dr. Levsh

2018-08-29 Farewell to Bastien and August birthday celebration

2018-08-14 Gordon Conference on Molecular Structure Elucidation, Newry, ME

2018-08-06 Weng lab 2018 annual photo shoot

2018-07-29 Farewell party for Bastien

2018-07-23 Weng Lab annual summer retreat to Charlemont, MA

2018-07-17 Weng Lab hosts 2018 Whitehead Expedition: Bio Session 1

2018-06-27 Bastien winning the Spirit Award at the Whitehead annual BBQ

2018-05-28 The 20th International Symposium on Bioluminescence at Nantes, France

2018-05-17 Jack Liu wins the 2018 MIT Biology Merck Prize

2018-03-16 March birthday celebration

2018-01-08 Weng Lab ski trip to Sunday River, ME